Welcome to the Louisiana Cypress Baha’i School!


Nov 24-26, 2017


Baha’u’llah’s Vision for a New Society: The Covenant

Tap into your imagination and envision a beautiful, lush, semi-tropical paradise where majestic Cypress trees grow plentifully and dramatically and a great diversity of other plants and animals thrive.  Imagine further that the environmental diversity of this place is matched by the human diversity there.  People of all ages, races, conditions and circumstances associate closely in a friendly, cooperative way, and are eager to know one another better and to serve each other.  Another key piece to this vision is that these people are united by a principled commitment to establishing the groundwork for unity, peace and harmony in the world.  So add to your picture a well-planned balance of inspiring spiritual, intellectual, creative and recreational activities to ready them to successfully live out that commitment in their own communities.  Now, you’ve arrived to join them…

“Such gatherings will give a chance to friends from different localities to come together and exchange views on the different problems of the Cause and also attract new souls to the spirit and teachings of the Faith.”   (From a letter dated 18 November 1931 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, published in “Bahá’í News” 63 (June 1932), p. 4)

“There was a spirit of service, joy and of the human family.”

— a School Participant

“I felt at home from the beginning, and had a sense of a harmonious group that is serious about what it came there for.”
— a School Participant


The Louisiana Cypress Baha’i School was founded in Louisiana in the later part of the twentieth century and is one of many American Baha’i Schools. It is under the supervision of the national administrative body of the Baha’is of the United States which appoints a Committee of Louisiana Baha’is to administer the School. The Committee raises the funds which support the School; plans, organizes and currently implements one to two overnight, weekend School sessions a year; and generally is responsible for the growth and development of the School.

Everyone is welcome to attend the School which offers special programs for adults, youth, junior youth and children as well as a nursery for babies. Families are especially invited to be part of the School. Aside from the programs designed for the different age groups, there are also activities for the whole School community as well.